miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

At my home home

and it feels so good.
Though I was pressured into taking down all my high school memorabilia (from my high school years, not actually anything that would have told you I went to Snow Canyon High) from my bedroom walls
I am glad that my bathroom drawers still hold some treasures

colorful magic make-up powder my cousin and I bought at the mall. age:14

black fancy gloves from Homecoming dance seenyuh year (amongst my two necklaces and red bangle from other attended dances). age:17 and! destined to be worn again because our ward is having a fancy Christmas party. and fancy I shall be.

hair ring thing, you know to go over your bun. looks great. My grandma bought one for me and my cousin when she was watching me whilst the rest of the family gallavanted in Spain. age:12 Do you still have yours, Ems?

in the second draw a slew of headbands and head pieces from my gloried performance years: a Red rose from our Spanish Ballet dance, the red/black metallic headband from "Rhythm of the Night", a white feathery headband from "Let's go to the Movies" etc etc

Underneath the sink:
Pretty girl party pail that I just had to have from costco. Still has some usable supplies age:11

Sponge and Hot curlers--that I am pretty sure go as far back as I do--that were used to primp oh so many times. And in the clear tub containing the curlers two of my favorite childhood bows.

Man. I am glad nobody uses that bathroom so it has never been cleaned out.
It's nice to be reminded that I have always been so cool.

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Cass dijo...

Yes I will be around for the holiday weekend. I'm glad you are here! Call or text me, lady.

emma le ball dijo...

awhh no! i did wear that hair thing for a odd amount of time... but my mom made me get rid of it when it was no longer matchable to my hair color haha :) what memories.