domingo, 22 de agosto de 2010

Oh. Hello Fall.

I got a sudden-- and much appreciated-- burst of excitement for Fall.

Start school and institute tomorrow.
Started my new ward today (seems real friendly. and good.)
Start teaching at a new studio on Wednesday
Start my fully loaded teaching schedule the next week.

Meeting new people even sounds intriguiging, though
you know what I really mean when I say people.

As I am sitting here alone in my apartment (not unusual) contemplating meeting "new people" I am once again reminiscent of all the good'ns I already know. Inspired by K. Rowley's tributes to her friends I think I will take a stab at it, because goodness knows I don't say nice things often enough.

Mi Mamita: My ma is my best friend. I tell her almost everything (I am getting better at keeping some things to myself.) I can't even imagine having another mom, because mine is the bestest. She is about as into hugging as I am, but is good at showing her love and affection in other ways. She is selfless and gives all the time necessary to her family. I just like her. I really do. Seeing my mother sad is probably the saddest thing I could ever witness (and seeing her passed out, the scariest). She is so fragile. I remember one time she was cooking beans on the stove (re-frying them?) for hours and as she was carrying the pot somewhere she dropped them all over the floor and I remember seeing her frustration and my heart breaking. I don't know why I remember that. I was probably only 7. ANYWAY. Ma. you are the greatest.

Mi Papá: My pa is the handiest handy man. He knows lots of stuff about cars and likes to get mad at me about scrapes and dirt on the one I am driving. He is strong and loves to exercise. I remember in sixth grade bragging to this kid that my dad's muscle was like the size of a baseball. Yeah. My daddy works hard at what he does and his entire family has benefited greatly (and still does) from that. It is his birthday today. Happy Birthday, Pa. I am glad you got those golden years when I was still cute and willing to hug you. I am glad you are my dad, I like playing tennis with you (now that I can return the ball) and maybe someday I will like conversing in Spanish with you. Tú eres fantastico, y deseo que el futuro padre de mis hijos es tan bueno.

Mi Hermano Lucas: Luke has got to be the funniest person I know. He is just funny and sarcastic and upbeat which seems like the completely wrong word. But I can't think of the completely right one. He was always so much older than me that I feel like I am only now just getting to know him. It is surprising how much we have in common and how easily we can converse now. Lukey is a considerate husband and a great, fun, and friendly dad. Needless to say. I like him.  
Ashlie is so crafty and cute and good at including me in things. Many Sundays were spent at their house when I was first living on my own and I really appreciated having somewhere to go. Ashlie is an awesome mom and is getting so thin!  
Coley is my first nephew. We have spent a lot of good times together. A lot of not so good times, but I love that kid. He is adorable. He is so smart and good with his little brother. He runs like a grandpa, jumps soo high (ha.) and loves planets and fruit snacks. Hey Coley, lets play soon.  
Max is the love of my life. I dare anybody to find a cuter 10  month old baby than he. I could kiss him all day long, and when I try he lets me.

Otro Hermano Clint: I first started really liking Clint the summer we moved to Cedar Hills. We became friends. I remember driving with him to get paint for our basement mural and taking pictures of him skateboarding. We also had some good bonding time driving down to St. George holidays together as two single people. Clint has got to be the funniest person through written word that I know. He's real good with words. Clint is so good. He is always willing to do a favor for his baby sister and even sometimes opens my car door. He is such a good example and often times has been the reason that I don't give up on men altogether. He reminds me that good young men do still exist.
I don't know Cassie really well. I do know that I like her, she is so friendly and even when she complains she does it in a fun way. I am real glad to have her as part of my family, and I am glad Clint found someone to make him so very happy. 
 Vinny, hows about you start fattening up and fit into your clothes? We need to become better acquainted, don't we?

And right now I am just going to say, if it isn't obvious already, I like everyone that I am writing about. So I might just stop saying it every time.

Mi Hermana Hannah: Hanny and I have a strange relationship. It isn't the typical best friend relationship that a lot of sisters have though I think at some point both of us have wished we had that. We both kind of stink at talking on the phone and sometimes even talking in general. But every once in a while we have those sweet sisterly moments, that usually consist of laughing uncontrollably at something. At least those are the ones I remember the most. Han has a crazy side that doesn't come out much but I love when it does. I remember not too long ago opening the garage door and seeing her doing a few quick squat jumps on a cardboard box in the back of dad's truck. It was probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I don't think Hannah knows that she is one of the greatest examples that I have. I have many times used her as an example in my church lessons. We are very different and deal with situations and experiences very differently but I feel a special connection to Han. She is a good sister and I know she will be a great mama.
Canyon is perfect for Hannah. I couldn't be more grateful that they found each other. I like to talking to Canyon, playing games with him, and eating his cookies and other food creations. He has good taste in music and I feel like we are both old souls, so I like his taste in a lot of things. I really hope I find a man that he approves of.
Bo, right now it is looking like you are going to be a big huge athlete. And that is cool with me. I like your round cheeks and look forward to kissing them again.

Mis Abuelitos Atkin: Such generous people. Such great people. Such fun people. Man. I love my grandparents. I love their stories. I love playing cards and games with grandma. I love talking to my Grandpa. He is so funny. Pine Valley is still one of the greatest places to visit and grandma's biscuits are still some of the greatest things to eat. My grandparents are so generous and give so much love to their family. I am continually astounded at all the things they contribute to their family and the community. I am so grateful to them for all that they are.

Mi Abuelita Myrle: My grandma loves her children and grandchildren so much. She was a dancer and even danced with Ririe-Woodbury back in her day. She always has a special interest in her grandchildren and loves knowing what is going on in their lives. She loves having visitors and has a welcoming home. She knows a lot about her heritage and ancestry and I love learning about that through her blog. I am grateful to my grandma for her constant love and support and I am lucky that I have her around.

Mi Prima, Anna: Anna and I go way back. So far back. She has been my best friend forever. She used to be so crazy, but we still got along great. We used to watch "It Takes Two" every time we had a sleepover. She was the only person I was even allowed to have sleepovers with. They usually happened once a year after her birthday party. Anna is super smart, motivated, funny, crazy, beautiful and good. We are so alike yet so different. We usually OD on each other quite quickly, but some of my greatest and happiest life moments have been spent with her. We don't get to see each other much but it is a given that we are always there for each other and love each other. Hey nanny, good luck with nursing schoo and finding a man to smooch. Good luck with your young roommates. Keep on institute dancing. Stay strong butterfly. Love you.

Chelsea Sweaney: I am continually grateful to my friend Chelsea. We danced together in High School and I can honestly say she helped me make it through my senior year. She always wrote me beautiful notes and treated me with the utmost kindness. At times I felt like she was the only friend I had that really cared about me. She is so supportive and soooo so talented. She is going to be famous one day and starts her journey to stardom tomorrow I think, by moving to Pennsylvania. Girl, I know you don't read this blog, but you mean so much to me.

Jenni Boyle: Jenni is so cute and hip but for some reason often doesn't realize how great she is. She can talk to anybody, and be friends with anybody. I feel bad for Jenni because I feel like she has way too much exposure to grumpy Hayley, but she handles it so well. I am so excited to have a friend I feel comfortable calling up at any time so close to my proximity. Jenni is fun and willing to humiliate herself as well as not feel too embarrassed when I humiliate myself. Jenni is so smart and I believe that when she sets her mind on something she can do anything. seriously. She can. Jenni, I am so glad that my hating you and your California talk didn't last long. I am also glad you grew up from High School so we can be friends.

Sarai Trueblood: Sarai is one of my oldest friends. We met in fourth grade. I snatched her up. (And aren't you glad I did? You know what the other option was.) We were instant friends. We both loved Classic Pooh. Sarai is so hard to explain. Half of the time I don't know where she is or what she is doing because she has lost her phone and is impossible to contact. She is so hip, but without even trying. She has got to be the coolest friend I have. I mean, when people see me with her they probably think I am cool. We have this special friendship that no matter how long it goes without talking or seeing each other I will always refer to her as my best friend. Or as I like to remind her, Best Forevers. And we can always pick up right where we left off. I feel like Sarai is my baby. I feel so protective of her and sometimes say things that she probably doesn't want to hear. But baby, you know I love you no matter what. Even if you have to endure some of my chastisement first.

Megan Child: Megan makes me feel young again. She is my newest friend. Because she is so new I worry more about keeping in contact with her so I don't lose her forever. We were roommates in Spain and she is seriously just a ball of crazy goodness. She is so fun. So fun. I feel like a light feather with her. She is sarcastic, optimistic and good at voices. We play off of each other so well. Time with her is just a hoot. Meggy, tú eres el mejoriiissssiiimmmma.

Hilary Barton: My own little HB. She seriously is hellboy. She is small, adorable, grumpy, sarcastic, sometimes angry and was my go-to friend in Lehi. We watched some sappy and some horrible movies. We rode bikes, went on hikes, and attended ward activities. We fit well together and I even allow her to hug me every once in a while.

As you can see, I have so many good people in my life. And I am certain there are more to come. I am excited about my living situation with Becca Rampton. We are both pretty low maintenance and don't have much stuff. She is sporty and addicted to exercising. She is funny and we get along just swell. yay!

Thank you and goodnight.

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Ashlie Dalton dijo...

oh hayley!

such niceness from you. much appreciated. :) you are surrounded with good people. i agree with you on all your writings- specially about your mom. she's great. and i would really hate to see her sad- or passed out. i still remember when she got mad at me when we broke han's car so that tells you how traumatizing that was for me to make her upset. hehe.

also, i remember you being a cute little girl in overall shorts playing games and watching spongebob when i'd come over for sunday visits. and you are now a cute little adult that i like. and i remember chatting online with you sometimes about boys you were liking. sorry about stealing your orange plate. it was an honest mistake and you are welcome to take it back anytime. :)

enjoyed this post. goodnight.

s@d dijo...

Wow Hay, that was an unexpected bonus to this Monday. Thanks for all of the nice words & thoughts. I do remember spilling that pot of beans. But didn't remember I had a witness. I am so glad that we are friends. The nosey part of me wants to know what you haven't told me. I liked reading about all the other people in your life. I agree with all you said & you said it well. You do have some good ones. It will be fun to see who you add next.

Jenni Boyle dijo...

Like your mama, I too am very happy to read such nice thoughts coming from your little blahging fingers. I am very happy to call you my best girl and count myself lucky to have such an amazing friend be so close to me while I go to school. It is a great comfort to know I always have you around. You never ignore me and always set me on the right path when I feel like I am getting off.

stern mister serious dijo...

Thanks for the words of respect, good sis. I'm so glad the fam is made of special rarities like yourself.

I know the post was all about others, but I enjoyed envisioning you in the presence of all your described already-knowns and having that complete Hayley picture displayed in my mind. You have an admirably nebulous signature that fits absurdly well with the most particular of characters.

I think it is a special sign of greatness when someone can keep good friends from various unrelated personality classes.

And I want somma Grandma's biscuits.

The Melkman dijo...

Thanks Hayley. It is weird how the playing field levels as you get older. It kind of feels like we are the same age now. I can't even imagine what it'll be like when we are in our sixties and seventies.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

What a wonderful gratitude journal entry. You too are good with words and sweet thoughts as you say Clint is. I always loved the girl's camp with me, and my four youngest grand-daughters! I don't think you liked the horse-back ride. Have you ever been on a horse since that time at Lakeside? Love you gram

Sarai dijo...

Sniff sniff.
Made me cry.