miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Just when you get used to my living with the parents

I go and move into another place after moving out of the previously mentioned location.

And I finally have me some working internet.
Boo. to our living room.
How does one make three ugly mis-fit couches, a TV, a fireplace, a sliding door to the deck and an ooold wood dinner table look good together?
Yeah. I don't know.

No pictures will be posted of my living space at this time.
But. those of you who know me should come on over for a visit.
(once we figure out this living room sitiation, that is.)

2 comentarios:

Myrle Dalton dijo...

Maybe, if you asked sweetly, your parents would let you go back! Or not! Love you

Anónimo dijo...

quiero visitarte prontissssssimo!!! Te llamare este semana~~