viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010



I think new roommate, Becca, and I are soulmates. We went to an institute carnival after the Twilight concert last night and it was magic. I don't think anyone has ever out-danced me before. (Keep in mind this was not a dance, we just made a spectacle of ourselves. They had music playing, so what did they expect?) I think she loathes social situations as much as I do, but we are both giving it a good and earnest try.

Other roommate, Lauren, made brownies today.

I will be eating the most delicious pizza outside of Italy. Tonight.

I bought the cutest little pig-booties for friend Alise's coming baby girl.

Gasoline fill up has lasted over a week. (Qué increíble!)

oh. thas just Greeeeaaat.

There was about three minutes of pouring rain bliss today. My car was parked at the institute, under cover. So it is still just filthy. filthy.

Textbook I was returning needed to be postmarked by the 23rd. That is a Sunday. Being smart as I am, I didn't check UPS pick up dates/times until the 22nd. They don't pick up Saturday. So even though I have a receipt saying I dropped it off on the 21st.  No refund for me. Boo.

I think I am going to really like my (possibly final) Psychology class this semester. It is Engineering Psychology and Human Performance. This is good thing. But there is a possibility of getting a certificate in this area. And. if I really like it, studying it in graduate school. Would've been nice to know a few semesters earlier. Though, I am 21 and could probably save up some money for a couple extra classes next semester, so I guess my argument for it being too late isn't valid.

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