miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

The real deal

rode my bike to school for the first time today.
the whole time i kept worrying about getting to trax. I had never done this before, and I hate looking like i don't know whas going on. what if i can't lift my bike? what if there aren't enough spots?
I made it fine, got my bike on fine, and with my power stance, i kept the bike sturdy up the hill.

I rode my bike downhill after school, but because I am chicken, decided I'd get on trax at the stadium. I kept thinking, everyone else enjoys a good downhill ride but I am going slower than I would uphill so that I don't crash and die.
I am also thinking, I have got to be the only one that has ever gone on trax, with my bicycle. to ride it down hill.
oh well.
made it on.
things were going fine, but i was wondering how going down hill while holding a bike would work.
not so well.
trax made a right turn and i lost control. I got thrown to the ride side and my bike lead me there, slamming into the metal door-- which made quite the booming noise.
a nice young man actually ran to come help me gain control of my bike. while a not so nice young man sitting nearby looked at me apathetically.
I stood in the stairwell thinking about what had just happened.
I looked back before I got off with my incompetence face stamp, and the nice man tried to tell me to get to the other side so people could board. luckily, I am not stupid and was planning to get off. and i did. and made it home safe and sweaty.

well friends, that is my first experience of real deal embarrassment.
lets face it, I almost cried of shame.
my pride hurt a lot worse than my skinned elbow.
and the question is, will i ever ride my bike to school again?
mmmmmm. we'll see about that.

5 comentarios:

Caleb and Marci dijo...

Oh- you have to do it again to prove that it won't always be so bad... and did you get a phone # from the nice one? ;-)

Melon dijo...

You might have to do it again so not to have another learn how to drive a stick shift experience.

Hayee dijo...

i know. i have too many "learn how to drive a stick shift/ do a front flip over a motorcycle" experiences.

Elaine dijo...

Riding downhill is so fun! It is a little scary but I just brake and if there are bikers behind me they always pass hahahaha. sorry about your embarassing moment. At least somebody helped. That is a plus!!!

Myrle Dalton dijo...

I congratulate you on your bike ride! I put mine up on a spinning pedestal to ride in the garage after I almost got knocked off by a huge mirror on some guys' BIG truck! No room for a bicycle and those things.