viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Gappers in Action

I love to volunteer.
My four hours of service included:
A free LARGE t-shirt, which I took in with my sewing machine.
1 hour preparation, instruction getting, bagel eating and juice drinking.
1 1/2 hours manning the k-2 beanbag toss with Lucia. lots of yelling and running up and down a hill
1/2 hour of water drinking, picture taking, tug of war-ing and kicking the trash of all competitors
1/2 hour of awards watching. more clapping and screaming.
1/2 hour of eating elementary school barbecue, and socializing with gappers. (a little girl even asked if she could eat by me, but she had to eat with her class)

I was so exhausted afterward. kids wear me out. but it was great fun!

4 comentarios:

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

do you eat hot dogs and little round brown things with white zig zags on them hay?
so, how did you get involved volunteering with this group here? looks like you had fun.

tifsong dijo...

that is fun. i want to play.

Elaine dijo...

Oh gosh!!!! That sounds like so much fun!! Too bad I didn't stay longer to have fun with you and the other unknown Gappers. (hehe that is a funny word) You look so cute!

Kami dijo...

Oh... sometimes I really miss you guys at the GAP. How's it going there anyway?