martes, 10 de febrero de 2009


If you ever think to yourself: "Hey I think I will try wearing my wide-leg jeans today," look out the window before making the decision final.

Now I understand why people hate snow, they are probably wearing long wide-leg jeans with cloth shoes. The good thing about water is even if its not puddled up to your calf it will use your pants to make it's way up there.

I now know the meaning of misery. soggy pant bottoms.

I don't blame you, snow, only my horrible judgment on clothing and my inability to keep my pants pegged for more than five minutes.

5 comentarios:

sir mister landlord sir dijo...

Is this post titled Hayt because you hate the cold wet on your legs, or is it because you have noticed Cassie Wayt wearing her wide-leg jeans and having the same problem?

Hayee dijo...

I don't know Wayt. last name? of her? Hayt for hating the cold though I hate to use hate and found myself quite clever spelling it with referral to myself.

Anónimo dijo...

so sorry you had to experience the wet cold combo. Hopefully you weren't soggy for long.

cup o' jo dijo...

You know adored your blog through Mr. Ben Baily as well. I am happy we could run into each other in person and blog style. Your words are lovely.

MiRanda dijo...

once again you have managed to make me laugh!!!