lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

Bushy Eyebrows

Though I don't care much, there are still worries of how I am perceived.
Because of my inability to rid myself of these cares I do not partake in activities that would prove to be quite useful.

1. Running to class or work if I am running late. I will speed walk past everyone which probably looks more silly than a run but very rarely can I convince myself that on timeness is worth the "foolishness" of a run.

2. The lighting from the sun in my rear view mirror is perfectly unflattering. Because of this I can see every stray eyebrow hair that ought to be plucked. If only I could and would take my tweezers out to the car and use that miraculous discovery to my advantage.

4 comentarios:

I Am Immense, I Contain Multitudes dijo...

The run Forest run comments are the worst.

Caleb and Marci dijo...

So funny- I sometimes do my eyebrows while Caleb is driving because there is no better lighting, and sometimes no other time. ;-) I have a friend who will sit in the car while her kids are in there and do hers as well. You are just a few years away. ;-)

Elaine dijo...

Hey, I run!!!! it seems like I run all the time to class, the bus, trax....hahah

Hayee dijo...

I had no idea Marci! I'm glad I am not alone, maybe i'll try it once my husband is sitting next to me. and Elaine you look cute doing whatever you do even if it be a run.