jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

something we old folks tend to do

I've been finding myself swallowed up in the reveling of the past.
It is for this reason I am awake to welcome this the very day which commemorates the beginning of my 22nd year of life.
I am not quite sure where the notion came from to read my blog from beginning to end but I am glad it shan't be fulfilled because there is some working to be done and prior to that--waking up.

To any of you who may know what I am talking about: I pulled a similar stunt in binging on recital videos 'bout a week ago. I remain convinced that Blackbird was the best dance. ever.

4 comentarios:

Nate & Rach dijo...

Happy 22nd love! I conquer that Blackbird was bomb! Thanks for the memories.

s@d dijo...

Happy Birthday Hayley. In agreement on Blackbird. I need to watch the video. Crazy cowboy @ Christmas, Thriller & dance from Annie, are also favs.

The Melkman dijo...

Happy 22nd. You are older than you seem.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

Happy Birthday 22 years old. Twenty-two years on the planet earth and you have made your mark. Love you.