viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

Attempt to Describe Myself (#2)

I was dating a boy a while back.
We were having trouble keeping curfew.
Finally by some miracle one Sunday he left at a terribly decent hour and rode his bike home.

I, somehow, was already in bed when I received a text from him stating that he had been hit by a car on his bike. 
He had made it home and some friends of his were at his house and helped clean him up.

My responding text went something like this: 

Are you kidding me? Are you OK? I would come over but I am really pooped. 

I wish I still had the exact text. I may have offered to go over, but I distinctively remember using the word pooped as my excuse for not getting out of bed. all of our early to sleep work would have been wasted. 
This happened to be the first day that he kissed me. And we dated for three + months after that incidence. He loved reminding me of that occurrence whilst laughing. 

I hope this is more a description of 19 year old me than newly 22 year old me. 
But. it is apparent to all who know me that sensitivity has always been wanting.

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Carly dijo...

haha thats hilarious and girl we all know when you are tired, you are tired! :)