viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Really in the life of a Hay Strand

My life is so great.
And don't let me convince you otherwise.
Things quite often seem to go my way
and even when they don't they still kind of do.

As I was making my drive down to Lehi to teach my car stopped working.
the gas light/battery light flashed at me and the gas pedal was of no use.
Luckily I was in really slow traffic (on I 215), had a luxurious pull off lane so no one could even bother me and had an hour and a half before I had to teach.
I wasn't even stressed.

After a couple moments I decided to try to start my car to move over to the glorious shade a few feet in front of me.
It started. So. I braved it to Lehi.
Now, I was somewhat predicting this.
I made it all the way to Lehi and the moment I parked on the curb on came those lights and stopped working, my car did.
My life.

Life has become a bit overwhelming with all my commitments and because of this car breaking down I had no choice but to put it on hold, stay in Lehi, and sleep in until 10:00am.
(awww yeah)
I feel guilty.
But in the end.
I had not a choice.

Do you ever feel like your life is like a movie?
I do.
And that is why I haven't lost hope that a super handsome man is just waiting to find me.

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tifsong dijo...

oh dear. i so wish our chatting would have jumped from bloglife to real life. i was so happy to see you.

now. i will go back and read this post.because i just jumped ahead.