martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Dating is the worst

For the first time ever in life
I found myself really wishing I could return affection to a boy.
I tried. 
I couldn't pull it off.
Then I proceeded to be so mad at myself for not being able to like him
and even cried after letting him know that I wasn't interested.
It felt like I was giving up my one chance to have someone around who seemed to really appreciate  and care about me.

Obviously that wasn't my "one chance" but sometimes it feels that way.
I, as probably are you, was quite surprised at the intensity of my emotional reaction to this situation but I think these 2 years of complete singleness have taken a toll on me.
 And to make things worse, Jess just bought Rory's picnic basket and something romantic is bound to happen.

Dating is the worst
It gets to the point where it seems amazing that sometimes people actually do get together.
So. If you happen to be married to someone you like.  Give thanks that you no longer have to trifle with such things as dating.

Life would be boring without emotions. I remember a sister of mine getting very worried about me when I wrote a less-than- happy post some years ago. This is my confirmation that I am just fine. Or will be in the very near future.

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anna dijo...

two years of singleness?
try twenty. thats even better!
haha. don't worry your love is out there some just need to find him. its like a wheres waldo picture, look hard enough and you'll find him...always in that silly red and white striped shirt:)
i love you hay

Jenni Boyle dijo...

I would buy your picnic basket......I know it would full of delicious fruit snacks.

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

boy, your title says it all. so true.

i could write a book about all the dating disasters i have experienced.
don't worry, you are a good catch and there is another good catch out there just for you!

4-Slyce dijo...

ha. funny post. marriage is a miracle, two people both like each other the same amount.

The Wiseman Life dijo...

Cute Hayley.... You are just a wise girl not wasting time with boys you do not like. Don't worry I didn't find my one and only til I was 26 and he had to drag me into a relationship!!! Lol anyway just while you are waiting for a man u love to come along, enjoy doing everything you love without having to compromise to make someone else happy! You are just the cutest.

P.s. Thanks for posting our link.... I just love ya!

Sarai dijo...

Dang it.

Nikki dijo...

haley I feel like you've been reading my journal.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

A good marriage probably is a miracle, but as you can see all around you that miracles do happen. It seems like forever especially when you are the youngest in the family.