sábado, 5 de junio de 2010

As you may know

I have become somewhat of a Jane Austen fanatic.
fan is short for fanatic, right?
Having finished all the books I am slowly but surely watching all the movies.

Boooo to Mansfield Park(1999)
it was a real disgrace.
they had changed so much I wasn't sure if I knew the ending

there were TWO kissing scenes!
one woman two different men
absolutely  preposterous.

I hope Emma and Northanger Abbey wont disappoint. (once I find them, that is.)

5 comentarios:

The Wiseman Life dijo...

I do need to read some of her books.... I did enjoy the one I have read and I totally trust your book choices! I loved I capture the castle!

Jenni Boyle dijo...

يا حبيبتي

Hey baby, Wait!
for me.
You need to watch the new Emma that was just on PBS I was pleased with it.

Hannah dijo...

I am pretty sure BBC Pride and Prejudice will stay unbeatable, but the new Emma is pretty good. Don't watch alone while we are both vagrant bums.

Elaine dijo...

I miss you! Sorry we couldn't hang out one more time :(:(:(

Krista Smith dijo...

watch persuasion!