domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

raise your hand if you hate iPhoto.

Have you ever transferred 1,000 plus photos from your Spain trip to iPhoto (after having archived all photos in numerous folders that are organized by date) hoping that you could just drag your photos into a folder in the order that you wanted them in?

I want to burn all my pictures before this computer blows up. and judging by the sounds it makes. it will probably be soon.

well, of course iPhoto has its own way of organizing things.
hey that's OK i will just spend about 4 hours putting them back into order.
sure. I like it when you suddenly quit 3 different times and I get to start over.

finally the burning process has begun.(first 200 pictures or so)

Oh look. When I put the burned disc in, my pictures are there. and sure enough. they are in an order that doesn't even resemble what I had pre-disc.


2 comentarios:

I Am Great, I Contain Multitudes dijo...

actually sorta feel your pain, not in love with iphoto, the end

Elaine dijo...

Eeek. That sucks..