miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

every. stinking. time.

whenever I go to st. george.
i sometimes shower.
in my old bathroom.
and EVERY TIME. I forget to grab a towel.
what is worse is that i think about it at least once before getting in.
luckily they were in the drawer today.

whenever I finish eating Mexican food I never think:
Wow I am really glad I ate that.
at least this time it didn't give me the runs.
but it didn't even taste good.

3 comentarios:

anna dijo...

hayface! can't wait to see you tomorrow suga!

tifsong dijo...

are you home sweet?
wowzer. i'd like to squeeze you and thank you for letting me live vicariously through you.

Lady in Spain dijo...

WHAT?!? After all the times you craved Mexican food it didn't taste good?? haha.
P.S. LOVED that email from "Guille" from Spain huh?