sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010

Off to the León den with you

On our way to León we stopped in a little city called Coca which housed this fantastic Castle. The castle/weather combination urged us to throw our jackets into the blue sky in celebration.

We made it to León and what a grand city! The buildings were adorable the sky was blue, and the Cathedral was gorgeous. The cathedral is covered head to toe in stained glass windows. we weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but trust me. it was not a sight to be missed.

We stumbled upon the MUSAC and were very confused at what we saw. We weren't sure what was art and what was construction. Luckily we made some shadow art, which is one of my favorites. See my hand there? 

By the end of the Night I had conquered León and rode him to prove my authority.

4 comentarios:

tifsong dijo...

i still really like you.
and it excites me every time you post something new.
oh how i need another adventure in my days.

Elaine dijo...

LOL! Loved these pics. Especially of you snapping a pic. You look like you'er concentrating so hard!! Still miss you. I need some settebello's.

Melon dijo...

Leon seems like a place I would like to see. Second best is seeing you see it all. Congratulations!

The Melkman dijo...

I been to Leon once. I only went to their church building (if you can even call it that) for a conference then left immediately.