domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

a cluster of ciudades on a cold and dreary day

A new day a new city. Or maybe four new cities. Our first stop was Fromista where we went to visit the Iglesia de San Martín. It was under construction and the wind blew like the devil. needless to say it was a short stop. Off to Burgos to set down our bags in our smokey room and eat a Kebap from Ali Baba's. Next on the list Covarrubias, a cute quaint town by a little river. Last but not least, Silos. An even smaller town than the last housing around 300 people. Here we saw the monastary de Santo Domingo and heard the vespers in the evening. This entire day was cool and tiresome and cold. It was along the Camino de Santiago and we even witnessed a few sinners on their way to forgiveness.


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Cass dijo...

Ah Hayley I'm so jealous! It looks so beautiful there. You best be catching up on the bachelor soon. It's pretty intense. P.S. guess who's wedding they're showing on tv tomorrow...? Jason and Molly's blah

Kami dijo...

That is a GREAT picture of you leaning over the bridge... or whatever it is... I LOVE it! Well done on the picture taking!