domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

To you, love weekend. (seinfeld styled)

Well it is that day. never have I had a man on this day of Love. except in 6th grade.
Tyler, do you remember me? Do you remember dancing with me in the morning, me in my pink skirt and weirdo platform white sneakers and you in... something, then bringing me a box with chocolates and stickers inside? Well I do.

We had some girls from our group over last night, they brought tons of ice cream, chocolate and cookies and it was quite the treat. We watched Persuasion. oh how I loved it. It did its trick in making me wish for love. But I am glad I shared it with some loverly girls that I don't mind so much. 

Earlier that day, Megan and I ventured out to play some futbol, with Meredith's "brother" and friends. It was on a big dirt field and it was the Spanish men against the Nigerians, who kicked "our" butts. I loved playing though. The best way to get running in. Megan was went in the game before me and she was running like the wind until she tripped herself and faceplanted in the dirt. HA. it really was so funny. and a little bit sad. when I saw the red drips.

The lovely friday night we had stayed in Madrid to see the Parade which lasted about 5 minutes. In all seriousness. but there was no harm done since we had found a Mcdonalds (so nice here. it was such a cool hang out spot. and they had really good pastries. EVERYTHING is better in Spain!) And we swapped boy stories for a couple hours.  We also received some free hats from a  clothing store and we could not get over the ruggedness of our shadows.

Friday began with a tour of Palacio Real, and boy was it cold. really. it was really cold. and unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs, but I absolutely loved being in a real palace. It was just like being in the movies. The tapestries and walls were so great, and I really wished that i could somehow have a dinner party in the dining room. oh man.

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Melon dijo...

Hey Hay! Be my valentine!

Elaine dijo...

Sounds ilke you had a great V day! I ate too much chocolate...

I'm loving the pics lately. More please! :) And more of you!!!! I miss your face. I haven't been to the pizzap lace since. Come back.