miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

the Start of Something?

I am not getting over the beauty of this day.
Walking home from school, music in ear, was heaven.
It gives me high hopes for a consistent March.

I am not the greatest with receiving (or giving for that matter) compliments
A dear dear girl complimented me today, and that brightened my mood even more.  I always wonder what makes the difference to others looking upon me. for today, My guesses: My hair done differently (completely out of my face. mo grown up?) or maybe my love for the day is showing on the outside. Like in Fantastic Mr. Fox when they are literally glowing. ha.

Admittance of being flattered and sweetened by it. Also, always I wonder, will that ever happen again? How do I make it so? oh compliments. I ought to give mo.

3 comentarios:

Jenni Boyle dijo...

Take your compliments well, me dear.You are a glowing girl and people notice that about you.

anna dijo...

oh hay. you are a beauty and i miss you!

Kristin dijo...

It's amazing how much good random kind words can do! LOVE the scarf in your profile pic btw. : )