domingo, 28 de febrero de 2010

oh those Spanish Jovenes.

Because so many girls were sad about us always taking the train home from Madrid just when everyone else was arriving we ventured off for a night as true jovenes. I did my first 24 hour stay awake which actually ended up being 29 hours. We went to "Kapital" in Madrid. Oh how glad am I that this was a one time thing for me, we came home and smelled of who knows what kind of smoke. But at least there is a tale to tell the grand children? enough witnessed sleeze for a lifetime. I would never do such a thing again. even you paid me. lots of money. ha.


Oh how I love you zumo Melocotón.

Oh yes. and my tribute to you American Men.
I will never again sulk about your never paying me attention.
And if you happen to think I am pretty. I am ok with you keeping that in your thoughts forever and not vocalizing it.
that is all.


4 comentarios:

Elaine dijo...

You're such a partier! And what about these American men? Are you saying you prefer Spanish men?? ;)

Melon dijo...

So Hannah in New Zealand decided not to go bungee jumping naked.

Helly dijo...

Es verdad, pap. But I take a kick in the pants very seriously, mind you.

Jenni Boyle dijo...

hellie, That was a fascinating cultural insight you made about the difference between American vs. Spanish men. European men don't have the same visual mores that Americans have. As long as they keep their hands off. That is very fine. bueno suerte, chica.