domingo, 7 de febrero de 2010

And the journey begins (began really)

Well well well. I am back home. safe and sound. The trip was so great and fast paced. We left last Monday to Granada and on our way there we stopped in Consuegra where the windmills are. Quite the wind-y-ness but it was beautiful. oh to see landscapes of green was a dream. I loved it and it made me want to go watch "Man of La Mancha" again.

We eventually made it to Granada and went out for tasty ice cream for Rebecca's birthday. We then hiked to the Alhombra at night, quite steep and we didn't get the view we were looking for since we were located right on the grounds. it was a bit spooky but magical. a crazy good first day.

p.s. Happity Birthday to Coley, and a Merry Blessing to the strong Maxwell.

4 comentarios:

sad dijo...

I love windmills & La Mancha. It was magical being in La Mancha country. " Smiles" to see you there, & color coordinated, with the windmills.

tifsong dijo...

oh wonderful! you are beautiful. and i want your outfit. and this adventure sounds like something i want too.

Elaine dijo...

Love the windmills! It looks gorgeous there!! More pics more pics!

Nelka dijo...

I loved those windmills. We ended up traveling on a Sunday, and our group had a make-shift sacrament meeting in the shade of those windmills. It was pretty special. And you've already been to many of the places I found magical. I loved wandering around Toledo, and the Prado was the museum I visited the most (since I also was staying in Alcala). Have you been the Kabab Haus 5? Its a fun little eatery in downtown Alcala (at least I hope its still there)? I ate a lot of falafel there. Mmm mmm... I just love that you're having such a good time there. :)