domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

I am pretty well settled in Alcala now, we have met all the children of Chelo and Faustino (nuestras padres.) We get our own breakfast in the morning and eat almuerzo at 3:00 and cena at 9:00. We are well fed but it seems we are starving every time we eat a meal.

I liked this wall in an alleyway we found, perdón if there is offensive or naughty words.

We went into Madrid with the whole group on Friday and visited the plaza de sol y the plaza mayor which is pictured above. It is the place where all the crazies gather to try to get money. Spiderman was there, a very tiny darth vader, a bunny rabbit with star glasses a person covered in dirt and many more spectacles.

This is the place where we got chocolate con churros, it was very rich but very very good. I guess it is a possibility that I will get fat here. The chocolate is soo tasty and dark.

He we are at institute enjoying the home made pizza.

We went into Madrid with the same group of girls pictured above. The plaza de sol was as busy with people as I have ever seen. There was a huge line of teenagers waiting for the teatro but we didn't know what was going on. Everyone here basically wears black and it has been rainy/overcast the whole week I have been here, so I am hoping the sun comes out soon.

I made some super great purchases at a boutique yesterday. A jacket, scarf and hat. Very excited about them. perhaps pictures.

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sad dijo...

I love pictures. You are in Spain.

I Am Great, I Contain Multitudes dijo...

muy bien

brother bombi dijo...

I see you have chosen hands-on-hips as your pose of choice. Not bad.

Hayee dijo...

better than the cross-eyed look?

tifsong dijo...

you're wonderful.