martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

A Winter Wonderland

There is some crazy snow here.
I thought it was snowing this morning, but in actuality it was just wind-ing like mad throwing the snow everywhere.

It is so dry.
My face is peeling off and every time I touch it, it snows skin flakes. Sugerencias?

I am finally believing that I will make it through school. Tomorrow is my last day of class going and all classes are fake and shall last no longer than half an hour. I am almost home free.

Christmas time is good. The music is treating me nicely. Happy December to you all. The goodness of not having a man mucking up my spirits is such the treat this season.

4 comentarios:

brother bombi dijo...

I'm sure you meant to say "the man." He's the one who always mucks up my spirits.

Elaine dijo...

and the fact that you spent time with ME! ;)

Elaine dijo...

Hayley, I have featured you on my blog....CHECK IT.

Anna dijo...

hayley, you look so cute on elaine's blog love it. i can't wait to see you! i have been missing you oh so much. love ya:)