miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009


I want to quit school right now.
I don't remember hating it so much.
It may be because I haven't had a school break since summer of '07
Or maybe cause I am taking a language class. that takes sooo much time.

In any case I am going to love my month off more than I can even imagine.

and this boy sitting at the institute close by is really crazy.
you know those people who share way too much information and keep talking to people who clearly do not want to be talked to. that is him. I am glad I am just over hearing and not involved.

"I read people's faces too well" um. obviously you don't sir.
"Live it up while you can. I can't even get a date anymore."
(He just keeps on going.)

I am really grumpy and so tired.

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Elaine dijo...

I just sent you a text about our date.

And....I'm so with you. I'm considering just finishing off this semester to graduate and not doing my TESOL certificate because I'm so done with school!!! I can't wait til this phase of my life is DONE. At least you get to go abroad. Lucky.

Maurices has okay stuff. In my opinion, it's like Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe. Cheap stuff but sometimes you find good things. Interested in going with me next Friday?