lunes, 24 de noviembre de 2008

Maybe it's called growing up?

I have come to the conclusion that I like how/who I am.

The thought process it takes to feel this way is strange and un-wordable.

It started as I was bobbing up and down at the Coldplay concert (wearing an outfit that I wasn't the least bit pleased with) and I realized the man standing next to me didn't care that I wasn't cool or hip and quite possibly preferred that i wasn't.(?)

The clothes that I have bought to be "hip" and "in" are long gone because they were never worn. I do like to think that I cannot be defined by the things I wear.

I just want to say, I am kind of weird and a bit of a nerd. And that is okay. I would have always said it was okay and defied anyone who told me differently, but it really hit me. It's okay. (It is also okay to be cool and hip if you are made that way.)

so strange. unexplainable. but good. surprisingly good.

6 comentarios:

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

Good self discovery Hay. I like the way you are too.

Anna dijo...

hayley i love the way you are also! always the same! and i just love it! keep it that way. much love! see you in like 2 days! ahhhhh

sir mister landlord sir dijo...

To be cool and to be hip are very lousy and elusive goals. Elusive in the sense that I don't know that I've seen someone who goes out everyday with the intent of attaining coolness and hipness actually do it.

Now that the old Hayley's back, we should draw some pictures of bees on the computer when we get to SC.

Hanyon dijo...

nice. and it is different to say 'its okay' than to know and feel 'its okay.' Are you going to be different when I see you next, or was you here the nerd hay? Who was the guy standing next to you?

Hayee dijo...

I don't think I have changed. I have always been nerd Hay but maybe struggled internally, though I don't think I let it affect me much on the outside anyway. Greg was the guy standing next to me. I believe I learned a whole bunch about myself while playing with him. interesting.

The Wiseman Life dijo...

One thing I love about you is you do what YOU want and I love that you voice your opinion and I love even more that you like yourself...people sometimes never get to experience that...

p.s. time does fly by...wish it did sometimes a little faster at the good ol' GAP! :)
I can't believe you didn't even notice I have been gone like 20+ days..honestly! lol