domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008

To cry in the privacy of your home.

Here goes the story:

Walked to church today. no sense in driving.
I remember double checking that I had my keys, because that can become quite the ordeal.
Attended a nice Sacrament meeting reminding me to have Sunshine in my Soul
definitely much needed.
Go up stairs to finally fulfill my church duties.
Luckily I attach my flash drive to my keys so as not to forget it.
Search through purse. keys aren't found. I have to wait yet another week to download photos.
Not sure how that happens.
I start the walk home and realize if Jen is not home, I am locked out. again.
Luckily I left my phone at home to charge.
I ring the doorbell. no answer. tears keep a coming.
If only I were crying in my own home where no one would have to see. What a nice nice nice thought.
I sat on my porch. Miserable. Listening to Christmas music.
I heard a sound inside and rang the doorbell again. No answer.
I look through our mail door. my house is so warm and close. I finally decide to say a short prayer.
Jen comes to the door minutes after amen.
All is well with the world. I feel to be the luckiest person alive.

Our neighborhood is a tad bit scary and Jen didn't want to open the door to a stranger. I am very glad she braved it. I should have yelled her name. but i avoided any thing that would make a spectacle of me. I have never been so glad to have a place to live in. and a phone to contact people with. I'm quite lucky.

4 comentarios:

Melon dijo...

That is a very sad story. How can we fix it?

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

Oh that's really sad Hay. I had a bad day too. We could have cried together. :(
Sorry about your flash drive/keys. Have a better day tomorrow and let's do dinner on Sunday?

Caleb and Marci dijo...

I hope the Sunshine was still in your soul after the annoying ordeals that are our daily lives. I also left church and was crying by the time I got home, someday we will understand the pupose to these "awesome" days. I'm glad someone was there to let you in. :-)

Hayee dijo...

oh man. what a comforting thought to know even when I am a mom I will deal with such things. Sad/Glad to hear I'm not alone in it.