miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2008

Living with Bees

Well the results are in.

Abnormal Psychology test- B+easily gotten an A if i would have studied more, many silly ole mistakes were made.
Drugs and Behavior test-B. this is just a miracle. I had no idea what to study, I am A-okay with this B. plus the lowest score is to be dropped.
American Civilization- B+. woohoo! another miracle. I had calculated it to be impossible to get more than 85 but somehow it was done.
As of now I am a B student in the college world. not bad not good. i'm living with it. my pap would be disappointed.

The only class i have gotten an A on a test in is Math, but that is doomed to not be repeated.

This post was on my mind for a while and never came forth. but I am forced by my brothers to feel somewhat ashamed of my previous post, so here is this sloppy one.

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sir mister landlord sir dijo...

Now this is something we can all relate to, getting Bs. I think we've all done that before. Am I right?

Anna dijo...

i am sorry for not coming to granmas thingy..but its okay i am glad i stayed home because i think i would be worse off in the sickness department if i had gone. it was fabulous to see you and i really hope to see you when you go back up on sunday..but hey that is your decision. yeah i will have to tell you about darcy and her man... what she said to me was "anna isnt this weird that i am getting married and you haven't had your first kiss yet?" yeah that was such a great comment to me. i just laughed and said yeah. what else was i suppose to say..anywho you should call me or write me and EMAIL!! ha love you and your face...anna