domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

Utar State Ferr

<-- This is our deep-fried PB&J and it was actually really tasty. I am glad we shared or else i would have been sick. Oh the calories you can take in at a place like this.

Gregor loves animals and was quite upset there wasn't a "petting zoo". Luckily we did get invited to the dance by Big Red's wife-- Mary Moo. Loads of fun as you can tell. My hooves are sore.

This is my roommate Emily and her main squeeze Steve. They were great company. Steve's quite the comedian and loved to comment on everything he heard or saw. And as Greg put it Emily was "in her element" as she is from Wyoming and apparently they "live for stuff like this". Good times were had. I only wish water hadn't been so scarce and expensive.

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Anna dijo...

sounds like you had such a grand ole time! ha yeah tell gregor that i am sorry he didnt get to pet pets at a petting should tell him to talk to someone! ha. well i miss you and i am glad that you are coming for the festival! so exciting i cant wait love you!

Melon dijo...

Looks like you had fun! I really wanted the PB&J thing but we didn't see it. Cole loved the Viper-coaster I took him on. Did you see the enormous hog?