sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

Summer to do list (80 days)

Drive in movie
Bees Game
RSL Gamesss

Camping trips scheduled
Stroll on my bicycle
Attend a bajillion weddings/showers scheduled
Not work on Fridays scheduled
Ir al templo 10 times
Finish BOM en español
Talk to/see every person I like
Nephew/family time
Exercise lots
Teach dance classes scheduled
Take dance classes
Eat a Margherita (sans basil) pizza from Settebello
Final vacation trip with Ruby scheduled
Good sleep
Forget that boys exist
Watch good movies
Sewing projects
Get rid of my cough
Outdoor concerts scheduled
Finish Jane Eyre
Get cleared by the FBI
Get wisdom teeth taken out scheduled
Turn 22 scheduled

4 comentarios:

Bits dijo...

I should like to be involved in as many of these things as possible. Thanks :)

stern mister serious dijo...

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Cassie, Vinny & I will be visiting Settebello on Wednesday night with Dave, Melissa & Linc. I think I can invite you since Jonny was invited (though he can't come).

Seagull Dream dijo...

Ah! I've a bridal shower. Thanks for the invite though.

tifsong dijo...