viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

The worst graduate

doesn't iron her gown
loses her tassel
wastes all of her excitement/enthusiasm 6 days ago
and makes faces like this:

Pretty cool.
Thanks to all my familiar supporters.


7 comentarios:

anna dijo...

happy graduation hayley!!
you did it! and i am very off to bigger and better things. like a mission!
love you!

The Wiseman Life dijo...

CoNgRaTs! So awesome. You kill me. I love your pic. You are one beautiful girl...REALLY! Your hair is getting so long. Love it!

melissa dijo...


and congratulations on your mission call too. one of my good friends went to spain for a study abroad and then when she was called on a spanish speaking mission she only had to be in the mtc for three weeks! i wonder if they still do that (because that was sooo long ago). good luck.

my name is megan dijo...

yay! congratulations!!! you are now a successful college graduate. you've done me proud.

and now. let's get together so we can celebrate! (not Kapital style)

Caleb and Marci dijo...

No way- I don't believe it. This is not really your graduation... you just put on those clothes to fool us right? I remember when you first started college, how is that possible? What a young little cute thing, and my old self liked you right away. Congrats, you are wonderful.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

I wish I could have joined you. That is really a nice picture of you and your grandparents Atkin. Now, just to wait for the August date! Love you. Luvgrma

Megan Young dijo...

haha! This made me laugh! I lost my tassel, too--luckily I was able to get another one :)