martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Pretty Tasty Invention

If you are ever sitting in the institute parking lot with a container of applesauce and no spoon.

Do this:
Use your fruit leather to scoop out the applesauce and enjoy the beautiful collaboration of flavors.
Also, don't be surprised when you think, "This fruit leather must be flavored cherry because it tastes just like licorice."

Warning: This may cause your otherwise glamourous outfit of post-dance saggy sweatpants and a stinky oversized shirt to be a little trashy by adding applesauce stains.

I have no idea how to punctuate that sentence.

3 comentarios:

Jenni Boyle dijo...

I use to use my apple slices that had lemon juice on them for spoons with my strawberry apple sauce.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

I just heard that you and Anna were in an accident. I am so thankful that you are all right. Within just a couple of hours 4 grand daughters were in car accidents, not of their doing!!! I hope their is no residual physical people damage. Does the Volvo have side car airbags? How blessed we are. Life can change so quickly. Love you. Gram

Caleb and Marci dijo...

Do you mean to tell me that licorice doesn't have real fruit in it? What the? Miss seeing you, cute girl.