sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

First Impressions

or even impressions in general are a funny thing.
I now have it confirmed that at least two people (from my time in  the Lehi branch) saw me as "perfect".
An angel-like figure that caused them to think they had to be on their best behavior around me.

How absurd is that!?!
I find it so funny, considering I never tried to hide who (what) I am.
Well, one of them found it a relief I wasn't so untouchable and we are great friends (even roommates) and the other, I fear, was sorely disappointed and concluded I wasn't the wife he wanted.

I am taking a personality theory class and am becoming more and more fascinated with my perceptions of others and how skewed they probably are. I figure, I have a hard enough time understanding myself. How in the world did I ever think that I knew someone really well.

So. Misperceptions or mis-impressions are more laughable than offend-able.

3 comentarios:

The Melkman dijo...

I also love this stuff. There have been multiple people whose physical appearance changed completely once I got to know them because my first impression was totally different from who they really were. I love when people prove my first impressions wrong. The more wrong the better.

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

sheesh... good luck to that guy (and his future wife).

impressions are a funny thing, and like melkman i love it when people are more complicated than i give them credit for upon my first impression.

Nikki dijo...

yeah haley, don't be so judgemental. Maybe i'll see you this year?