domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

I really like my family

and I am real excited about a having a decent picture of the Dalton fam with everyone over the age of one looking at the camera with eyes open.
I had thoughts of posting pictures from beautiful Boston and other New England sites but I recently acquired some 200 photos taken by the parents.
Looks like it will take more thought and time than anticipated.
I haven't the energy tonight.
But they are coming.
You just wait.

3 comentarios:

Elaine dijo...

You do have a beautiful family. You're the prettiest one!

Myrle Dalton dijo...

Great picture! It looks like all are present, my how the family grows! Glad you had a nice trip to Boston et. al.

megan.bradshaw dijo...

beautiful family! and such cute little ones. and lovely you.