domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

;) Wink!

Anyone else have feelings of confusion when receiving a wink via text?
Oh, you too?

They are strange.
I have decided I will start ending my text conversations with them.
I like evoking feelings of confusion. And.
As I am pretty sure people wouldn't know how to respond,
they will be great show stoppers.

Megan pointed this out to me :P (crazy tongue-out face) Yeah that is pretty bad too.

3 comentarios:

Kami dijo...

I will join you in ending all texts with a wink. And yes, I'm home but I am leaving for my family reunion Wed. What are you up to next week? I am free all next week.

Krista Smith dijo...

you are funnee.
i like you. ;)

Elaine dijo...

Hahahaha, I totally laughed out loud.