jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Thanking Parks and Gas Stations

(and blanket,  jamba juice, and sugarhouse shopping center)
for helping my homelessness the past two days feel a little more homey.
By allowing me to:
Drink cold water, eat ice cold ice cream, sip a smoothie, go to the bathroom, browse pointlessly, and lie in the cool shade while reading and relaxing.
I will leave it to you to figure which action goes with which location. Like a game.

(Also thanks to Luke and Ashlie for the couch, though their having a home in Salt Lake City was reason for my deciding to attempt homelessness for 31 hours)

On a side note:
There was a crazy motorcycle man behind me on 1300 E riding a "wheely" foorreeevvverr. It was crazy.

3 comentarios:

s@d dijo...

Yes, thanks Luke & Ashlie for the couch. I was not wanting to guess, one of the other places, as the place she slept.

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

confused about the 31 hours of homelessness.... you lost me.

Krista Smith dijo...

i know that sugarhouse shopping center is where homeless people get richer. or at least try to. also the word the computer wants me to type to make sure i'm not a computer is "manish" which i think is cool so i thought i'd also share that with you.