miércoles, 19 de mayo de 2010

change of perspective or face

Recently I have been waking up to about three new puss-filled zits a day.
i don't know why they are coming and i don't like them but
for some strange reason they don't stress me out like they used to.
i think my face still looks fine.

is that grown-up perspective
or do teenage zits really distort your face much more
than they do while you are in your twenties?

is it possible I don't mind zits enough these days?
blinded by narcissism?
maybe I really ought to pay them attention.
stress out.
and put a bag over my head.

5 comentarios:

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

i remember when i thought zits would just magically go away when i was a grown-up. boy, was i disappointed.

Hannah dijo...

Yeah, twenties zits are way worse than anything I had as a teenager. I think it is easier to not stress out because there are just way too many, you are out numbered and defeated.

brother bombi dijo...

And don't forget to use face-toothpaste.

Myrle Dalton dijo...

I hate to tell you this but the worst case of zits I ever had when I was 45. Yep! They just keep showing their ugly heads now and then. But, good looks shine way out in front!

The Wiseman Life dijo...

yeah, I don't think they ever go away...I'm still battling those bad boys!