domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

We didn't start LAS FALLAS

Oh Valencia was like a Dream. This here crazy faced man is one of around 500 of these Fallas in Valencia. Apparently the month of March is party time central. Luckily we went the 19th, the final day where all these statues are burned to their utter destruction. Yes. Craziest day of my Life.
The streets were covered in the oiliest food money could by. Landes treated us to Buñuelos, Fartons and that creamy white drink Horchata. (different than the kind in Mexico. I liked it, but far too sweet for a finishing off.)

There were also lots of crazy parades left and right, and some of my favorites were the people in the "traditional dress" so cute.

I am not sure why I am making this face. But there was also a huge Virgin Mary made of over a thousand flower petals as well as tons of offerings people brought her.

We got our first taste of the Craziness when hundreds and hundreds of firecrackers were going off non stop and we felt like we were in a battle field. We were covered in smoke and cheering for sheer enjoyment.

The real trouble began when we found ourselves these "Fallas Handkerchiefs" and turned ourselves into a band of crazies.

 The little FALLAS started to burn at 10:00 pm. We plopped ourselves down in front of a cute one with a chef cow. I have the video of the initial start, but haven't a slightest clue how to put it on here. nor really have the desire. you will have to come watch videos at my house. eh?
We were stationed in the front row and almost got our faces melted off. pretty sweet.

We had hours to wait until the lighting of the big ones, so Landes bought us our fireworks and we set them off recklessly amidst all the other parent-less children and crazy pyros (I actually just jumped every time I heard a noise and held on to Megan with all my might)

Alas around 1:00 after hours of standing the BIG ONE commenced. and it was like nothing I have ever seen. (it was unbelievably huge I wish my picture could show better perspective)There was a point where I thought the fire was going to consume us all and end all of our unsuspecting lives. But it didn't, though it smothered me in dirty ash water and cardboard chunks. We prevailed in the end and took our final revolution photo. what a nigheet! It is all a big blur now. We drove back home and arrived around 7:00 am the next day.

I also ought to mention that there is plenty of photo sharing going on in these parts and many a time I use photos from the cameras of Megan Child and Rebecca Clyde.

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s@d dijo...

Those crazy spaniards. Looks like the burning of Disneyland. The end photos remind me of Les Mis. I would never have comprehended the description without the photos. Glad you survived that one.

Melon dijo...

Valencia's Burning Man (but with more class?)

anna dijo...

who-hoo! looks like you are having a blast! can't wait to see you again..
ps. i am getting so super stoked about havasu...i went on a hike with my pa and it just increased the anticipation of our trip!

tifsong dijo...


when you come home. can we be friends?

valerie dijo...

i love every single one of these photos - but mostly the title is what rocked my world - i heart billy joel - but not as much as i heart you

Elaine dijo...

Oh, my... That is CRAZY. I wish i could've been there. It looks like so much fun. The smoke kind of freaks me out. How did you get out of there alvie?? As well as the fire.. But the traditional Spanish gear is too cute.

Jenni Boyle dijo...

I love everything about this day's post. Mostly you in a bandana solidifies my idea of you be the truest thug I know. Keep it real.