lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

Something New

I have been busy living up my last weeks in Spain. I can't believe it is drawing to an end.
Things of note:
Went to el Escorial last Tuesday as well as the Castle of Manzana. Very windy but great day. Pictures may or may not be posted at a later time.

Friday we had the opportunity to clean a cathedral. yes. a cathedral. it was great to be doing some service as well as to meet some of the cutest lil Spanish ladies you ever did see. also so another super cute neighborhood in Madrid filled with excellent color combinations.

Saturday went to the Madrid temple again and they thought Megan and I were sister missionaries so a little mishap happened. but it was a great experience. Also revisted the Reina Sofia because I have been dreaming of getting my picture with that little guy for months. he is a Miró and i love him.

I have only got two and a half weeks left in Alcalá so I am on a quest to take pictures of everything that is now so familiar to me so that I may have them forever. I shall share them with you.

Also. I have been listening to Fleet Foxes almost every day. I am liking them considerably.

Que tengáis un buen día,


5 comentarios:

s@d dijo...

Glad you got the photo with that cute little guy. I loved Miro too. I look forward to the pictures of the "familiars" of your world.

I Am Great, I Contain Multitudes dijo...

cool painting

Elaine dijo...

You cleaned a cathedral?? That's cool. Was it really dirty?

Also, I'm SO excited you're coming back. I have no friends apparently :(

brother bombi dijo...

I suspect you are making a lot of people have a lot of good times out there. The spazmanian devil inside you just won't let it be otherwise.

Helly dijo...

it's about time you forgot such things, bombi.