miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

¡Por fin!

Finally got some working internet. This is day two of our Andalusia trip. oh man so beautiful. More of the Alhambra. My first love of a building.

I loved that it felt like a castle. For some reason nothing says Spain to me like a Castle. (I may use that phrase more than once for different objects. but for now. it is castles that make Spain.)

For this picture I turned into my dad. ha. I found a little ledge and sat upon it and in my solitude I felt complete contentment. It was a good couple of minutes.

I  really liked this part of the Cathedral in Granada. It was nice to sit down in the pew and stare at it. It was quite peaceful.

The day we decided to buy a loaf of bread for lunch. goodness knows it was the best 35 cent meal I have ever had.

Everyday  we found a way to soak in the southern sun. It was perfect until the hatted man pulled out his cigar and we drank his smoke.

 The day ended in Sevilla. We went to a flamenco show and it was great fun. I sat there sipping my peach nectar enjoying the rhythm and smoldering stares of the dancers. but I posed first...

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tifsong dijo...

hayley dalton, you captivate me.
in the best and least romantic way.
i am loving this adventure you're living. and i look forward to new posts each day.