lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2009

Not-so-young Love

Anyone else think it is weird to see older people dating and flirting? It confuses me.
Actually. In general, it kind of freaks me out when grown ups act like teenagers or try to be young.
Don't worry. I will remember this post when I am 40.

4 comentarios:

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

I know ALL TOO WELL what that is like. Gross.
You don't even have the annoying flirts now, I don't think you need to worry about it at 40... that is if you are single then.

Melon dijo...

Yeh, I hate it when grown ups try to be young -- especially old 40-year-olds!

Elaine dijo...

Are you referring to me and Chase?

Hayee dijo...

no. you are married.