miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

My emocfusion the past two.

Woke up yesterday marnin' and the snow was falling and I forgot how to dress for winter. Especially trying to do a 3 (occasion) in 1 outfit.

When I was driving home it was snowing/raining/fluffing. I could see it in my headlights but none of it hit my windshield, then I looked on the ground and it was all swirling. It looked like someone was running a fog machine and I was afraid that all the swirls were going to come under my tires and I was going to lose control. apparently none of the other zooming past had this same fear.

Walking to school this morning I witnessed a reunion of sorts in the cross walk, then I heard the phone call of the man of the party.

"Hey bro, just giving you a shout out. I think I just saw your sister, I didn't recognize her, but she noticed me. Dude! she looked different she was wearing old man glasses that covered half of her face..."

I especially liked the quip about her wearing (hip) old man glasses.

I have recently met a boy in one of my classes and we have walked in direction of the Institute a couple times. He is nice. Then I saw him in my class today and as I looked over he was looking at me and gave me the double eyebrow raise. It made me nervous and embarrassed. I don't know why I reacted so violently, but that is the problem with choosing to be nice to people that talk to you. Fear of them liking you. It's not serious. But the fear is always there.

4 comentarios:

Elaine dijo...

Hahahahaha, that is SO funny!! (the phone call part, not the losing control part) and what? boy?? You didn't mention him yesterday!!

Anna dijo...

a boy!!! ah! thats so dang exciting. and the double eyebrow raise...you are one lucky chica if you ask me:)
i miss you.
love you loads

Sarai dijo...

Yikes, the double eyebrow raise?
Get out while you still can!!!

Jenni Boyle dijo...

You loved every second of it!