lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Did I happen to tell you

that I spelled happen wrong twice before duplicating the right letter
that I have moved into home. no longer homeless.
that we still don't have internet other than fancy phone that can connect to pap's computer
that I have been exhausted everyday of my life since who knows when
that I started my Junior year of college today and was already feeling worried at my first class
that I have to leave an hour before my class starts to have a chance at getting there on time
that I just ate a chocolate chip cookie that was pretty good (actually two today, and plenty more through the weekend)
that I have been giving up all sorts of opportunities in hopes of venturing to Spain
that I can't see out the back of my car because the window now has drapes
that there is a gym just down the street that I have been taking advantage of
that I got Henry Worley to play at the Gap and really didn't show them much of a crowd (pictures were taken. but until the internet comes. that hassle will not be considered)
that brother is letting me use his season tickets to RSL wednesday

no? Well sorry. Now you know. Get back to work.

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Elaine dijo...

Hi lady. update! Sorry we couldn't make it to the Gap concert! My parents were in town and we had just barely got back from Bryce Canyon. If it's any conciliation, it was not fun. Hope your first week is going well! Mine is okay... I just want this semester to be over already! See you sooooooon