lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

St. George Checklist.

If you'd like a good summer weekend in the SG.
1. go swimming with cousin Anna. get some rays.
2. eat barbecue prepared by cousin Rachel. eat lots of potato chips and oreos.
3. watch a pretty lame movie with friend Jenni.
4. go on bike ride with cousin Anna.
5. go to bloomington country club pool with parents, and eat the best fries alive.
6. go to a baptism of one of your favorite friends, Chelsea Jean Sweaney, and remember what baptism means and all the responsibilities, opportunities, and blessings that go with it.
7. go to "the proposal" with the mam. think ryan reynolds is kind of cute.
8. activate your facebook account, then realize why you deleted it and deactivate once again.
9. go watch Stacia Hardy in footloose at Tuacahn.
10. eat lots of potatoes, home made french bread and pound cake.
11. get a leg cramp and a sore bum riding back to real life in a tiny silver car.

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Anna dijo...

oh haysta...can't wait to play yet again soon! love ya thanks for hanging and playing!