domingo, 17 de mayo de 2009


I recently found a friends blog where she frequently states what she is grateful for.
I think i shall give it a small try for my sake.

1. I am real glad that my body behaved today, and didn't tremble, sweat, shake, and bake.
2. I am real glad that Brynley sat by me in sacrament meeting and probably prevented the body from doing such things.
3. I am real glad that I am going to be moving to Lehi soon for a new adventure, while keeping as much old as I would like.
4. I am real glad to be starting school again and hopefully meeting more friendals.
5. I am real glad to have Brandi as a bike riding partner and a future concert going partner.
6. I am real glad that the sun has been shining and birds bin chirping out my window.
7. I am real glad that Sereba is going through the temple and she soon will have a hubband.
8. I am real glad that me and Cassidee will be watching the Bachelorette tomorrow night, like old roommate times.
9. I am real glad that half of my sickness went away when i went to church today.
10. I am real glad that my nose is now runny instead of highly congested and compact.
11. I am real glad that I get to see my parents often and they are willing to do a whole whole bunch for me.
12. I am real glad to have a nephew named cole, who adds oh! in front of most of his sentences, loves "hay's car," and shouts moon moon moon! over and over.
13. I am real glad to have Luke and Ashlie nearby, so that cole is nearby and also so there is a place to watch general conference, and lifetime Christmas movies, as well as a place to eat sunday dinners.
14. I am real glad to have brother Clint, who buys me a Travis t-shirt and drives to provo to bring his crying sister some keys.
15. I am real glad that Hanyon is moving to provo! i am excited to play with them and glad that Canyon is going to have to be my spanish tutor.
16. I am real glad that I don't feel the pressure to make it to 50 even though other people do it without a sweat.
17. I am real glad that i enjoy reading now, and there are endless good books to read!
18. I am real glad that I am going to be teaching in relief society next week and that there is an opportunity to bear testimony as well as humble myself completely.
19. I am real glad that sunday is a special day different from the rest.
20. I am real glad for all relationships that i have. for all the people who make me feel happy and "un-alone"
21. I am real glad that it is never too late to make new friends or re-unite with old ones.
22. I am real glad that dad is going to oil up my chain so it no longer squeaks.
23. I am real glad that my car is nice and clean and even vacuumed out! I am glad that it works and gets me places.
24. Though not always, I am real glad that i have loads of emotions and feelings and endless thoughts in my head to keep me occupied.
25. I am glad that 25 is a nice stopping number. and if i felt any desire to do so, i could keep on truckin'.

5 comentarios:

Elaine dijo...

This was a good one, this was. It's so easy to forget about the blessings you already have. And yes...I have been neglecting my other blog! I will get on that right away miss! And we really do need to play soon....Chase is starting to get busy with his treehouse project so we must plan accordingly so he doesn't get too sad...hahahaha.

tifsong dijo...

hey there. you're a lovely soul. i am real glad i know you.

Nelka dijo...

You're moving to Lehi? Really? That would be super exciting. :) Also, I really loved this post. Thanks for sharing it with the world (and me).

The Melkman dijo...

We're real glad to have you nearby and that you like our son and house too.

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

Real glad. Good list Hay.