domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

I'm real glad the first mean dinosaur wasn't the T-rex

I did it! I got my want! not something unusual but it is surprising and glorious every time! Walking with Dinosaurs was awesome and they all looked so real! I was on the third row so I got a very good view of the massive somewhat soggy animals. I felt a little less ridiculous when a young couple sat next to me without a child. I decided to keep in good standing legally so I didn't take any photographs or make recordings, but believe me. It was cool. Mr. T-Rex was of course the coolest part of the whole show. he is the man. Thanks Emily for the tips and thanks Mam for the halfway money meet. Wonderful Wonderful Activity.

other good news:
7th East west bound freeway entrance is now open! 2 blocks from my home! I found it by accident today and of course it was a pleasant pleasant surprise. I'm going to set my alarm to five minutes later tomorrow.

I found my pearl earring missing from my left ear sitting on my rug!

I spent a good part of my Sunday in the company of the loverly Kami. I'm glad we have become friends especially since she is leaving the Gap.

The new year is bringing new luck changes good changes. luck.

3 comentarios:

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

All good news for you! Now if the west bound freeway would just get their act together with the rest of their exits and entrances. That would be a nice change.

Anónimo dijo...

All good news and happy things. This is a nice new year.

Kami dijo...

Yay! I'm glad we hung out too! I'm also glad you enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit. Woohoo!