miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

About those stitches.

Absence is like a drug. While it has "healing powers" the main ingredient is disguise.
Sometimes absence likes to disguises itself as progress. (or skew your perception of how great that progress really is)
Once that is gone all you can wish for is more absence and the progression finding its destination.

I thought I was safe but apparently there is no such thing in situations such as these.

3 comentarios:

I Am Immense, I Contain Multitudes dijo...

Sometimes, Absence hurts. =)

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

You are on a crazy roller coaster. What are you up to this week? We still plannin on some din Sunday? Maybe a little Beans???? Or we can get together on a weekend (fri/sat) and party too. What is best for your schedule?

Anna dijo...

just asking a question..what stats are you taking? i am taking 1040 you are probably in a higher one or a different one..or the same i dont know fill me in! haha i love you girl i miss you and i cant wait to see you..you are coming to dan's homecoming..its march 8th so you better be there! i really need to see you and your loving face cause you love me for who i am and thats what i love about you! thanks
love ya