jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2008

Our pet called me a girl

Found this little fellar camping out in my shower yesterday. Everytime I used the facilities I saw him staring at me daring me to dispose of him. When it came down to a dire need for cleansing I folded, but couldn't handle it. Housemate Jen came to the rescue and grabbed him and flushed him down the toilet. As I screamed he screamed "you girl!" I realized I am a girl. What a scaredy cat. We've had so many spiders roaming around I am getting nervous. I don't know where the bedroom dweller has gone to... 

please note the nasty hairs on the shower's floor. 

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Hannah dijo...

Scary. A few days ago I was sitting on E&D's couch in the barn with the lil ones and Emily noticed a huge Black widow on my leg. I almost died.