domingo, 19 de octubre de 2008

This one's growing up.

Went to Paradise for lunch yesterday because not much food is to be found in this house. I got a meatball panini and i usually get the potato soup-- tastes like mas, oooh yum-- but i decided on a Caesar salad(!) I think that counts for 4 salads I ate over fall break(pretty tiny portions) but I'm growing up and not gagging while I eat the leafy greens. My heart will thank me later. hooray for adulthood.

3 comentarios:

The Wiseman Life dijo...

Congrats on graduating! lol Just don't become a rabbit!

Elaine dijo...

Just wanted to say HI, lady! Now we can read into each other's lives....YES!

Hi Miranda!!!!!!

Anna dijo...

oh hayley, i do hope you liked the video..i had a blast doing is gregor gettin do you kiss him, yuck. i do not like hair that close to my mouth. well i love you my dear.