jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

The Labored Weekend

Thank goodness for Labor day since my real weekend was monopolized by the Gap. It was somewhat uneventful but i finally have a device to transport pictures from camera to computer. it's about time. Remind me to post a very special post for that card reeder, it has a story of its own.

<-- This is my dresser that friend Carlyn was so nice to give to me! we (Gregor and I--what a handyman) sanded it down and started painting saturday marnin before work. i need to get new handles (good thinking pap) and transport it into my room then i'll post. so excited for a little more drawer space!

Sunday i had the pleasure of seeing my favorite fri
end couslin Anna. She's a college babe. and i am glad we shared in the humility together when we watched our homemade videos in front of too many peoples.

On the real Labor day we finished painting my dresser and ate lunch at the Red Iguana (unfortunately all the special restaurants decided not to lab
or on this day.) My heart has developed an aversion to all my melted cheese intake. i have given up Mexican food for the time being also. my options have become quite limited. Had Pier 49 pizza with the partial fam then Gregor and I went to Iron Man (it was okay. i felt not much happened at all)

We have gotten really good at taking pictures of ourselves.

2 comentarios:

Anna dijo...

oh cousin! i am so excited for your new dresser! i just hope that it wasnt as orange as when i saw it! haha well i was totally happy to see you too! i love your face!
you rock love you!

Hannah dijo...

Hayley, Your boyfriend looks like Michael Funke.