jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

Twas my birthday a few days past and it was marvelous! it is times like these i remember people love me. anyway, i got to celebrate sunday through wednesday but i fear the celebration is over and we must move on to other days of birth. anyway, good day. the giddyness of it has past. (obviously)

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sir mister landlord sir dijo...

Alright! Your first positive post. That's progress. When Janel gets back we need to take you out for ice cream or something. For your birthday. And maybe mine.

Anna dijo...

hayley hayley hayley i am still going to celebrate your birthday next week when i come up there party for sure! don you worry about it girlfren! the party still lives on!

Kensey dijo...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fun day! I love celebrating all week too!! I worry that I'll never grow out of it. Thanks for the congrats! I'm sure your hair looks wonderful but I miss seeing you so come again!!

Laura and Lexi dijo...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! GIRLFRIEND! You are a old maid!!!! hahahahaha well i have a blog too! its wexiwawa.blogspot.com so GO TOIT!!!! love ya!

Ashlie Dalton dijo...

I hate when the birthday celebrations die down.... I really do.

Debi dijo...

Hey woman. I Hope you had a marvelous birthday, but from what it sounds, it sounds great! i love birthday festivites.
on another note, you should fix your blog colors, I can hardly read anything.
next note, my life would be sad without that amaying picture you took of me, I do not know what id do.
end note,
love ya!